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Doggie Bags (Not the Restaurant Kind)

My eldest keeps pestering me about purchasing nine hundred dog poop collection bags on Amazon.  “They’re only 14 bucks!”  I have yet to relent.  I have several reasons why I have continued to discourage this purchase:  1)  It is a running joke in our house that Midnight poops a lot;  2) I hate plastic and try to avoid its use when and where I can because it is an endocrine disruptor and damaging to the environment;  3) I do not wish to create more trash over which to argue with my husband about whose responsibility it is to remove from the apartment, and, last but certainly not least:  4) I hate disposables.

This topic was not on my radar, until I read online about washable dog poop collection bags.  I texted my eldest at school with this amazing find.  The conversation went something like this:

Me:  “Amazon has a washable doggie poo bag.”

Son:  “Mom.  Resist the urge.  We’d have to wash it 15 times a day to keep up with what that dog produces.” (Can you just feel his sarcasm coming through my phone with this message?!)

Me:  “…but I am washing diapers and pads and wipes anyway.”

Son:  “Lol you have a point.  We could be a completely cloth household.”

Me:  “Even t.p.?!  I don’t think I could handle that.”

Son:  “… you have to commit mom!”

So, with his blessing, it is something I filed in the back of my mind for future reference.  I haven’t acted on it yet because I have been unable to walk the beloved beast since December, because of the cholecystectomy and miscarriage.  But with the impending move and the possibility of our own yard, I am considering purchasing the washable dog poo bag, as I don’t want my lo to play in a yard full of Midnight’s poo and I don’t want to carry a pooper-scooper with me each time I end up taking out the dog.

This also led me to consider the ‘Family Cloth’ again, not only because of C’s comments to me about committing to a totally cloth household, but also because lugging bulk packages of disposable toilet paper home from BJ’s on the bus is cumbersome, whilst purchasing it at Dollar General in smaller, less expensive packages leaves something to be desired in the way of cushiony softness.  And, no matter the volume of the purchase of toilet paper, one thing is certain:  we will always run out as long as we continue to utilize disposable tissue. I don’t like to run out of things; I am a planner and I like to always be prepared.  If we switch to reusable dog poo bags and people poo un-paper, I will have two fewer things about which I need to concern myself.

All jokes aside, my eldest does have a point:  we already use rags (predominantly) instead of paper towels; cloth wipes and diapers for La-La; cloth menstrual and incontinence pads for me; cloth napkins; fabric zippered food storage bags in four or five sizes, etcetera; so, why not have washable poo products too?  We could dispose of Midnight’s contributions in the toilet, much the same way we do with La-La’s poopy diapers.  What about you?  Are you ready to make the jump to only cloth?  Would you or have you utilised washable dog poo collection bags?  If so, I’d enjoy reading your experiences (and hopefully learning something from them).





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